Mission – To Change How We Look at Men

Mission – To Change How We Look at Men

The Worldwide Roar (formerly Warwick Rowers) is the world’s best known male naked calendar, now in its fourteenth great year!

Our mission is to:

Through WR, sportsmen everywhere can make a very visible and simple yet meaningful commitment to change by playing sport and (literally) hanging out together naked in front of the world.

Drawing on ten years of learning at Warwick Rowers, our mission at the Roar is to support men to become part of the change they want to see – in themselves, in their relationships and in the wider world around them.  Our methodology has been developed over more than a decade with the help of health promotion professionals and academic experts in the UK and Canada. 

Our project invites men from any sport anywhere to get naked in support of healthier masculinity. That means promoting inclusion, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality and better male mental health. It also means challenging the structural racism, homophobia, misogyny and toxicity of hegemonic masculinity.

Our work and particularly our use of male nudity has long interested academics. They have watched a simple naked calendar evolve into a health promotion and human rights project that enables participating sportsmen to confront their privilege, develop healthier masculinities and become active advocates for inclusion.

Help us to achieve our objectives. Whether as a contributor in front of the camera, or a supporter behind it, you can part of the change you want to see!


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Our Partners

With the help of our partners and supporters in the arts, media, academia, human rights and sport, we are building on more than a decade of global success.