When a group of men get together and get naked at one of our residential retreats, it is guaranteed to be the beginning of a life changing experience! 

Our retreats started as our calendar shoots, but we soon realised these extraordinary events were so much more…

Men – particularly sportsmen – feel that they spend a lot of time naked together in the changing room and the showers. When we started shooting the original Warwick Rowers calendar, the men realised how many rules there were around nudity within traditional, heteronormative male culture. Don’t look, don’t touch, don’t acknowledge that you are naked with other men!  

Our retreats bring athletes and other men from different life experiences together to explore how men relate to each others bodies, and how we can create healthier lives and healthier masculinities by confronting the restrictions most men have lived with since childhood.

Are you an athlete who is interested in sharing your experience of sport with men who had a negative experience of sport at school? Perhaps you are an athlete who would like to help us develop exercises for our retreats?

Are you a man who has felt challenged by the culture in sport? We would like to hear what you would find most difficult and most rewarding about attending one of our retreats.

Wherever you are in your journey as a man and your relationship with masculinity, we plan to create retreats that work for you.

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