Worldwide Roar is now Barefoot Man

Worldwide Roar is now Barefoot Man



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A brand name is more than a tag. It embodies an organisation’s essence, beliefs and vision. Changing brand name is a challenge that no organization undertakes lightly.

So why are we changing our name again?

We started out with a question. Can men challenge homophobia by taking their clothes off?

As the Warwick Rowers, we proved that they could! As the Worldwide Roar, we enabled sportsmen everywhere to join the original rowers. Dozens of men from different countries and different sports have now shown their passion for change through our project.

All the men who have taken part in our project have helped us to understand its potential to deliver more than a message. We have seen how much they have benefitted from the experience.

This is not just about our message to the world, it is about the men who undress to deliver that message.

Our participants are men who have learned to check their privilege, test their vulnerability and make a lifelong commitment to change.

They went naked to connect with the world around them. To leave a lighter footprint on society. To recognise that men could live more happily with less control. To embrace vulnerability and empathy through breaking taboos around how the rest of us could look at them. That is how they came to be the original Barefoot Men.

Barefoot Man embodies our pride in the achievements of the men who have joined our project and our unwavering faith in their potential.

As Barefoot Man, we can draw a clearer map for the future. Join us as we take another bold stride forward on our journey.

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