Barefoot Man Joins Forces with World Naked Bike Ride London for Unprecedented Collaboration 

Barefoot Man Joins Forces with World Naked Bike Ride London for Unprecedented Collaboration 


Barefoot Man is proud to be working with the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in London on creating content about issues that matter to both projects.  We welcome the opportunity to work with people on an unprecedented scale and hope our recent pilot shoot will mark the start of a bigger, longer-term collaboration.

The World Naked Bike Ride is not only one of the biggest naked events of the year, it also takes place in many cities around the world. Famous for its unique approach to body positivity and environmental activism, WNBR encourages participants to cycle nude through a number of major cities around the world each year.  The campaign aims to raise awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists, the human body’s impact on the environment and the need for body positivity.   

All of us at Barefoot Man are grateful for this opportunity to explore the shared values of both organizations.  WNBR is a ground-breaking project that uses nudity to promote social awareness.  The campaign started as a pro-cycling environmental protest in much the same way that we set out as an allyship project to address homophobia in sport.   

Both campaigns have since gained an understanding of the wider, often complex issues that are raised by nudity itself.   We wanted to create engaging content that celebrates how both WNBR and Barefoot have contextualised nudity as an impactful and relevant way to promote social change.  

We took at crew of five, including two stills photographers and two film camera operators, along to the WNBR London ride on 8 June and offered participants the opportunity to share their stories on camera.   

Nudity can be polarising but it is also illuminating.  Both WNBR and Barefoot seek to address the ongoing complexities of how men’s and women’s bodies are viewed in society.  

We are currently working on our first film with footage shot on 8 June at the London ride. By including interviews with a diverse range of participants, we hope to promote a broader understanding of body positivity, healthier masculinity and our relationships with the world around us. 

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