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We really pulled the stops out for our 2023 Holiday Season Special Edition of ROAR Portfolio!   With nearly fifty minutes of film, 468 images, a new regular series and several features, this is definitely our biggest ever issue, and a taste of the sort of content we plan to bring in 2024.

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    Total film time: 49min 28 sec

    Total number of images: 468

    Participants: Thomas, D´Paul, Tommy, Angus, Lucas, Amir, twins Alex and Sebastian, Goldbats Javier and Manu

    Locations: Joshua Tree in California USA, Toledo in Spain & London, UK.



    Film 1: Joshua Tree Man Hug

    Shot at Joshua Tree, this intensely intimate film is introduced by Angus, who discusses the origins of the Barefoot ManHug. Thomas, D'Paul and Tommy then show us how to do it!


    Film 2: Barefoot Data: A Look at How We Look at Men

    Alex and Sebastian have been with this project for over five years. In that time, they've graduated from being student athletes to contributing on both sides of the camera. Now, as senior data analysts who are still happy to get naked in their spare time, they explain in this film how data research will become a cornerstone of our work at Barefoot Man. And they show us how much fun its going to be to get involved!


    Images: Alex in Toledo

    Just to prove that Alex has no plans to hide behind the camera as one of our new Directors of Research, we return to our finca outside Toledo in Spain for a series of 56 shots featuring Alex with members of the Pinto Goldbats American football team.


    Film 3: Barefoot Behind the Scenes: Fujifilm House of Photography

    One of our neighbours in London is the Fujifilm flagship store, with a full service studio in the basement. We were able to use this facility to film with a few of our most established contributors, and to try out shooting on Fujifilm's fantastic medium format cameras.


    Bonus Film Stocking Fillers

    Alex and Sebastian have hung their stockings out but we think our followers will probably be more excited than the boys are to see what they contain. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


    Feature: Twins 2: Triplets

    Barefoot Man is about healthier masculinities. Which means it is about healing. After a fourteen year journey that started with writer's block, our founding photographer feels well enough to step out from behind his therapeutic camera and pick up a pen again.


    Images: Javi and Manu: Friends and Team-mates

    Javi and Manu play for the Pinto Goldbats football team. Returning to Barefoot Man for their second shoot, these beautiful friends and team-mates were more than happy to embrace some of our new techniques at Barefoot Man - including the literal embrace of the Barefoot ManHug!


    Film 4: Lucas Presents: The Year Ahead at Barefoot Man

    Our longest-standing contributor, Lucas, delivers a message to camera about his history with the project and his hopes for our future together as a community with a shared goal. As you might expect from someone who has been instrumental in creating Barefoot Man over many years, Lucas was happy to do this totally unscripted and fully debriefed!


    Feature: The Big Conversation

    We originally published an earlier version of this article on our blog for World AIDS Day. This extended version considers the lessons that we can draw from a tragic history as the United Nations recognises the power of communities to lead in the response to HIV.


    Feature: Barefoot FAQ

    We read all the comments on social media. Some we love, some we delete, but they all deserve discussion! In a new series, we respond to particular comments we receive, starting with a query about body diversity in Barefoot Man.


    Images: Festive Cheer!

    In a set of bonus images from our shoot at Fujifilm with Alex and Sebastian, we go behind the scenes as we shoot our Christmas reels.

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