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Our April 2024 ROAR Portfolio is a special extended edition.  We look towards the future in a world on the brink of rapid AI-driven change. with a few glimpses back at how we got to where we are today.   

As ever, we bring you the freshest thinking and the greatest moments from our calendar shoots, residential retreats and studio-based discussions around the world.   

This edition includes nearly 100 minutes of great video content and nearly 200 high quality still images, plus additional images both real and imagined throughout our 84 page guide – our biggest ever!   

Scroll down for full details on a truly game-changing edition of Portfolio, with thought-provoking articles, films, images, conversation and performance captured in Costa Rica, UK and Spain. 

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    Naked Yoga Circle Chat 

    Carlos and our Toledo retreat participants stay naked after their exhausting yoga sessions for a group chat in which they reflect on their experiences of feeling stretched and challenged in every possible way! 


    Barefoot Poems:  No More Messiahs 

    In the second of our new series, Angus reads a poem that seeks to capture the voices of big tent evangelical preachers - but delivering a very different message!  Barefoot Poems, which launched on World Poetry Day on 21 March, aims to bring you fresh artistic perspective from those of us who find ourselves living outside the rules in a world that was created by and for straight men.  Not just in photography or even visual art! This new series is part of expanding our creative offering and we welcome submissions from all artists out there.   


    Talking Barefoot:  Roaring Towards Diversity! 

    Adrian and David talk to Angus about going from being fans of the Warwick Rowers to becoming naked calendar stars themselves in the Worldwide Roar.  The three men explore share their personal experiences of sport, masculinity, sexuality and body positivity. 




    Beach Boys of Costa Rica! 

    In this exclusive sneak peek from Barefoot's recent shoots in Costa Rica, we bring you a few glimpses from our shoots in the Nicauya Peninsula for our 2025 calendar.  Featuring surfer Tommy from Santa Barbara who debuted in our 2024 calendar and his lovely boyfriend Tylar. 


    Birthday Boys! 

    Alex and Sebastian have just turned 30!  In this special collection of images, we celebrate these two incredible brothers who first appeared in our tenth anniversary Warwick Rowers calendar and are now playing a key role in our future plans. 




    Barefoot Man – Towards Open Source Masculinity 

    When we began our project as the Warwick Rowers calendar back in 2009, the world was not ready to believe that a group of handsome young college athletes would go naked to make queer men feel more welcome in sport. We proved the world wrong on that score, but we had our own learning to do... 


    The WR Museum – Our History and Our Future 

    Following a decade of impactful activities and discussions, we have begun a new chapter with the development of the Warwick Rowers Museum.  This has already started with the Seeing Men exhibition, and it will be growing over the coming months and years. 


    Barefoot AI – Our Approach to the Coming Wave 

    Imagine being able to go to your computer and have an intelligent conversation with one of our contributors.   Maybe he will want to be sure of why you want to look at his body before he takes his clothes off.  But he will be there for you, enabling a conversation about the problems you each face in life and how you can support each other.   


    What’s Your Deal, OpenAI? 

    What do the leaders of AI think about AI? We managed to get an interview with a representative of OpenAI, the profit-led company behind Chat GPT.  It was easier than it sounds.  We just logged into Chat GPT4 and started asking questions…. 

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