2024 ROAR Portfolio February


Our February 2024 Roar Portfolio includes four image packs, two films, three thought-provoking articles, and the second episode of our new podcast - Talking Barefoot.

Are you feeling a little February? This issue is filled with sunshine straight from various locations in Spain and Southern California! Along with over 200 images, we bring you films with two powerful exercises you can follow along with at home, naked like the guys! And don’t miss our first location podcast featuring several participants from our Spanish retreat. All that plus great articles on the challenges and opportunities young men face today.



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    February 2024 ROAR Portfolio

    Total film time: 1 hour 14 minutes 24 seconds

    Total number of images: 211

    Participants: Carlos, Alex, Rafael, Fernando, Luke, Craig, and Goldbats Nacho, Javier, Manu, David, Aaron, Gabi, Juan Carlos, Gonzalo, Brian, and JM.

    Locations: London, UK + Madrid and Toledo, Spain





    Going Barefoot: Get In Touch With Your Body

    In a very intimate and powerful exercise that you can do at home, Thomas leads Tommy and D'Paul in an exploration of every part of their bodies. The guys felt great after this, so why not give it a try? Whatever you learned as a kid, this proves it's OK to touch yourself!


    Going Barefoot: Simple Yoga Meditation

    In this film, our Yoga master Carlos leads the boys in a yoga meditation that you can follow along with at home - or wherever you happen to be! (Local nudity rules may apply.)


    Talking Barefoot: The Podcast: Leaving Toledo

    In our new podcast, some of our participants speak about their experience at the end of our retreat in Toledo, Spain. They get naked in our Yoga Meditation film and our Yoga images elsewhere in this issue, but they’ve put their clothes on for the podcast!




    Hanging Out on The Farm

    We are always on the look out for great spots and props at every location we visit. This time, we found an old cart in the farmyard of our finca near Toledo. We thought it might make a great calendar shot but in the end we decided it would work better if the guys let it all hang out!


    Goldbats Line Up! Part Two

    We know you love the lineups, so this month we are bringing you another fresh set of shots featuring the Goldbats, this time in the garden at a beautiful finca outside Toledo, Spain.


    The Swimming Pool Library: Pinto Goldbats in Madrid

    This month we bring you previously unreleased images from our first shoot with the Pinto Goldbats, shot at a stunning villa on the outskirts of Madrid. These boys were always ready to dive into the moment!


    Yoga in Toledo Part Two

    To go with our yoga meditation led by Carlos in Toledo, we have put together a second selection of images from the yoga sessions we did at our retreat in the summer of 2023.




    Boys II Men: Educators on the Rise of Misogyny in Younger Generations

    Recent research reveals a surprising trend: young men aged 16-29 are more critical of feminism compared to older men. Younger groups are generally more progressive. So is this as a unique generational shift?


    Feeling February? How to Beat the Blues!

    The holidays are over. We've made this our feel good issue because February can be a challenging time, especially for people in the Northern Hemisphere who face cold, dreary weather and shorter days. We explore the impact of seasonal depression.


    Unhealthier Masculinities: The World According to Andrew Tate

    In the first of a new series, we highlight the people who advocate for versions of masculinity that our project seeks to leave behind. It's another approach to creating the future, and we cannot ignore the impact it is having.




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