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Our April edition was about the future.  This month we take a closer look at how we plan to build that future on our past.  

There is an article on our massive new online museum and a chance to see future exhibits with every calendar launch we have done since 2012.  

In a new format, we explain how we develop our calendar shots through exclusive previews of a shot that will feature in our 2025 calendar. Plus we bring you stunning new images from our shoots in Costa Rica - including a set with a rower!

We also bring you news of our biggest collaboration eve and a brand new podcast with men who are going Barefoot in the future. 

With articles, images, video and more, our May 2024 Portfolio will be another great addition to your downloads! 


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    May 2024 ROAR Portfolio

    Total film time:  2 hour 2 minutes 

     Total number of images: 347 

     Locations:  Costa Rica, UK, Spain. 




    Anatomy of a Shot

    How we work up a calendar shot! Lost in a jungle with no film crew, Angus took these pictures to become one of the definite shots for our next calendar. In this sequence of images, we see how the final shot develops - who will be in it, what they will be doing, and every aspect of how the image will be captured.


    Barefoot Jeopardy!

    Newbie contributors Kias and Norm discuss the challenges of getting naked…


    Seeing Men Review

    The Museum prototype has been our Seeing Men exhibition, which has already raised nearly £10,000 for Sport Allies. In this film, first released in 2022, Adrian, Nick and Ruari review the exhibition catalogue. The show is still running, still raising funds for Sport Allies - and you can still buy the book!



    Cover Star - Another Rower Returns

    When we bumped into Eric at the Jungle Gayborhood retreat in Costa Rica, we were delighted to find out that he had not only known about our project for years, but rowed at university himself! In this series of black & white images, we follow Eric through his morning routine as he gets ready for his shoot.


    Anatomy of a Shot

    Enjoy this selection of high resolution shots from our video feature "Anatomy of a Shot".



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