The WR Mask


This might be the ONLY essential clothing item. That’s right, you can leave your mask on!

No one enjoys wearing a face mask, but at least with the WR mask, you can stay safe in style. The mask comes in our signature purple with WR printed in silver on one side. Why purple and silver you ask?

Purple is the colour identified with challenging homophobia. As a mix of blue and pink, we now embrace it as a symbol of healthier relationships with masculinity, with our birth genders and with our gender identities.

Silver restores equilibrium and stability to both feminine power and spiritual energy. This embodies our approach towards promoting healthier masculinity and greater gender equality.


Local import taxes and custom clearance for orders outside UK might apply.

  • Details

    The filter is 80 gram polypropylene, is anti-allergy and anti-fluid, and lasts 80 washes. How often you wash your mask depends on how often you wear it (just like your underwear, although you should keep your mask on more often).


    • Fabric 70% cotton & 30% polyester
    • Made in Europe
    • Elasticated microfiber polyester straps
    • Premium quality vinyl, polyurethane, 80 microns thick
    • Matte finish
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