WR19 Feature Film


For our tenth anniversary shoot, we explored five amazing locations in Australia, The Cotswolds, Positano and Andalucia. This bumper one hour film gives you a fantastic overview of one our greatest years so far!!

Kicking off with a duo location shoot in Australia, in December 2017 with participants Lucas, Amir, Jorge, Felix, Herne and world champion rower Robbie Manson. Starting at the Sydney University Boathouse with the boys posing inside by rowing boats and outside by the water’s edge with oars. Then it´s off to the Southern Highlands and an “Orient Express” style train carriage set in the middle of the bush. The stunning vintage sleeping carriage provided some nice bedroom and hallway shots, while the surrounding bush serves as a natural backdrop to the boys. See plenty of behind the scenes footage of the boys enjoying downtime.

The summer shoots began with Alfie, Nacho, Felix, Joseph, James and Alex B in The Cotswolds in Gloucestershire at the former Poor Clares 17th Century convent which is awaiting refurbishment. Fabulous shots of inside the various rooms, corridors, archways and windows, as well as outside the convent walls in the lush green gardens.
Veteran Alfie shows Nacho how it´s done. Alex B, Felix and Joseph pose in an outside archway seating nook. The shoot heads down through the woods to a fallen tree over the river/lake with Felix, Joseph, James and Alex B. Catch the boys during downtime in the kitchen. Felix, Joseph and Alex B pose on a set of draws inside one of the convent rooms and find a rocking horse. Alife and James pose on an outside wall. Angus reads the WR press story in The Times to Felix, Joseph and Alex B and then the boys pose naked with the newspaper.

In July Lucas and Amir are joined by newbies Alex and his twin brother Sebastian in Positano, a stunning coastal resort near Capri in southern Italy. Follow the foursome as they explore the islands by boat, a nightclub by day where they are spontaneously joined by local Vittorio, and plenty of footage of the shoots inside their apartment and on the terrace with its magnificent views.

The twins introduce themselves during their morning workout on the first morning on the Amalfi Coast. Lucas enjoys the morning views from the terraces. Lucas and Amir pose on the terrace with the Mediterranean sea as the backdrop. The twins get into make-up for their sea backdrop shots, but can´t resist a bit of kickboxing on the terrace.  

The foursome set off by boat for the shoot with the spectacular rock formations off of Capri as a backdrop, including some underwater shots. Amir and the twins cheekily awaken Lucas from his nap. Alex and Seb show us some love and some moves.

August 2018. Lucas, Amir and Alex are shooting in Andalucia, Spain with shoots inside and around the pool of a luxury mansion set in the Spanish hillside. With a homage to photographer Helmut Newton against the modern villa terrace, cooling down with a shoot in and around the pool including stretching out those muscles with Alex and Lucas. Alex shows off his fighting spirit and talks about martial art and also poses by a horse statue.


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  • Details

    WR19 Feature Film Locations
    0:00-7:46 (Sydney University Boathouse – December 2017) 
    7:50-21:06 (Southern Highlands, Australia – December 2017) 
    21:09-35:42 (The Cotsolds, England – June 2018) 
    35:46-48:39 (Positano, Italy – July 2018) 
    48:42- 01:01:24 (Andalucia, Spain – August 2018)

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