WR19 November Film


At the convent, Alfie talks about his experience with WR shoots with flashbacks to previous shoots.  Angus shows off the Sport Allies report, which is funded by WR sales like this!  Alfie and Nacho do an outdoor shoot by the convent.

Herne talks about the ex-convent shoot location. Felix and Joseph talks about WR experience.

Felix, Herne and Joseph inside convent windowsill shoot.

In Italy, everyone visits a restaurant you can only reach by boat! (The Kardashians were there a week later, and were undoubtedly sorry to have missed us.) 

Lucas explains his viewpoint on the project and his role as an ally. Then we see a solo shoot with Lucas before he is joined by Amir on their spectacular terrace with Med as backdrop. 

Watch as the twins get their body make-up done before we follow then in an interior shoot at the apartment. The handsome brothers talk about being twins before and during shoot. 

In Spain, Alex and Amir play table tennis at the villa, naked of course. Alex talks about his love of sport and in particular martial arts and shows off some moves around the pool. Alex, Lucas and Amir around the pool. Amir talks about how he has enjoyed the WR experience plus flashes to the purple cloth on boat shoot with Twins and Lucas. 

Lucas indulges his favourite passion as he plays with the villa owner’s Mastin puppy. 

There are solo shoots of Lucas, Amir and Alex plus all three together. Another spider comes to taunt Amir in a pool in Spain.  They won’t leave the poor guy alone, and who can blame them?   




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    Shot June 2018: The Cotswolds, England and Positano, Italy

    Duration: 21.57 Minutes

    Includes Alfie, Nacho, Joseph, Felix, Alex B, Alex, Lucas and Amir

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