WR19 September Film


We start at the convent.  Alfie describes the location before he joins Nacho, using an old chest of drawers for a shoot. 

Felix talks about being part of a sports club and getting naked for charity. Using a beautiful window seat as a backdrop, he then poses with Joseph and Alex. Joseph talks about homophobia in sport while Alex talks about sports and friends. The boys find a rocking horse in one of the rooms, which Felix rides.

In Italy, Lucas wakes up on their first day in Positano and describes what he can see from the hillside apartment, with stunning shots of the town and shoreline.  

We follow an interior shoot with twins Alex and Sebastian Amir, who is in the kitchen, joins in! Alex talks about being an LGBTQI and women´s ally and why he joined the WR movement.  Amir talks about his university experience and choosing to do the WR calendar. 

The boys prank Lucas who is taking a peaceful nap. Alex talks about the team rooftop dinner shenanigans for Angus’s birthday. He also discusses the experience of being a twin before he and his brother Sebastian pose with an extraordinary wooden sculpture of a giraffe. 


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    Shot: June 2018: The Cotswolds, England. July 2018: Southern Italy

    Duration: 21.58 Minutes

    Includes Alfie, Nacho, Felix, Joseph, Alex B Amir, Lucas and the twins Alexa & Sebastian

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