WR20 April Film


Our WR20 April Film Single offers two stunning locations: Epping Forest in the UK and a country villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains of Southern Spain (with two sets of twins).

Join Alfie, Amir and twins Alex and Sebastian for a shoot that connects with nature, literally, in the beautiful Epping Forest, a remarkable oasis just outside London. Between and after the shoots in amongst the trees and foliage, Alex and Sebastian show off some of their twin moves, including Sebastian sharing some martial art moves, while Alex on his shoulders attempts to mirror his movements as well as recreating the most famous dance scene from Dirty Dancing! Alex reveals in an interview how much he has grown into being vulnerable within the WR projectb etween his first and second shoot, as well as his views on masculinity and sports.

Alfie and Amir join two sets of twins for a shoot at a gorgeous country villa set in the Sierra Blanca Mountains in Andalucia. Lucas acts as producer and makes an unexpected debut as a make-up artist by prepping Alex, Sebastian, Lewis, Tom, Alfie and Amir for a shoot with purple oars. Later, some of the boys enjoy a refreshing shower and pool break, a welcome relief from the heat of the Spanish sun, with the iconic purple flares adding an almost ethereal feel to the sizzlingly hot day!


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  • Details

    Film Length: 00:21:54

    Location 1: Epping Forest, England (June 2019)

    Photo Participants: Twins Sebastian and Alex, Alfie and Amir

    Location 2: Country Villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, Andalucia, Spain (August 2019)

    Photo Participants: Twins Sebastian and Alex, Alfie, Amir, twins Lewis and Tomas







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