WR20 December Film


The WR20 December Film Single offers three locations across two countries. First is on the set of a luxury Penthouse located in the heart of London with Amir, Alex and Alfie relaxing on a cream sofa while Angus takes shots from the mezzanine above. Then Alex and Amir pose by a grandfather clock. Ding Dong!

Still at the loft, Martial artist Alex talks about nudity within the project and how others view him, while in Spain, Capoeira player Joao talks about toxic masculinity his experience of the shoot and the reactions of friends. Lucas talks about the changes within WR and the academic studies of the project being conducted by Leeds Beckett and Calgary Universities. He discusses how participants' experiences will be the focus of the study, which considers how the men who get naked in WR become agents of social change. Brian talks about the evolution of masculinity and shows off some of his cheerleading moves - naked, of course!

The shoot at the modern villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains in Spain offers footage of Brian and twins Alex and Sebastian posing around the interior. Rower turned photographer, Lucas, gets behind the camera once more for a pool shot of Amir, Alex, Sebastian, Brian, Bily and Joao, with some scenic drone footage ensuring you get all the action.

Twins Alex and Sebastian, Amir, Lucas, Bily, Brian and Joao head to La Conception natural reservoir for a shoot at the top of the hill overlooking the mountain. A stunning climax to a beautiful film.




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  • Details

    Film Length: 00:23:13

    Location 1: Luxury Penthouse Loft in heart of London, England (October 2019)

    Photo Participants: Alex, Alfie and Amir


    Location 2: Modern villa in the Sierra Blanca Moutains (July 2020)
    Photo Participants:
    Alex, Sebastian, Joao, Bily, Amir, Brian


    Location 3: La Concepcion natural reservoir, Sierra de las Nieves, Andalucia (July 2020)

    Photo Participants: Amir, Bily, Brian, Joao, Lucas, Alex, Sebastian

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