WR20 March Film


The WR20 March Film Single boasts shoots set in two luxury locations: a penthouse set in the heart of London and a country villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains of Andalucia, Spain.

Alex, Amir and Alfie relax on the sofas in the living room of the luxury London penthouse, while Alfie gets his own solo photoshoot on the rooftop of the penthouse. Lucas, who is one of the producers on the set, reveals their experience at a LGBTQI-themed Halloween party at a nightclub the previous night.

In the summer of August 2019, in a country villa set in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, we did our first shoot with two sets of twins. Alex and Sebastian returned to join newbies Lewis and Thomas together in a five-some shot with regular Alfie. Some of the shots include the use of our iconic purple smoke flares. As usual, there is plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of the boys exercising, relaxing, and enjoying life. James joins twins Lewis and Thomas for a shoot with a tree in the sunny Andalucian countryside.

Alfie and Sebastian talk about the change from Warwick Rowers to Worldwide Roar, their participation, and the shoot location, while James discusses the importance of sport, to him and the project.


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  • Details

    Film Length: 00:21:42

    Location 1: Penthouse in the heart of London (October 2019)

    Participants: Alex, Amir, Alfie

    Location 2: Country Villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, Andalucia, Spain (August 2019)

    Participants: Twins Sebastian and Alex, Twins Tomas and Louis, Alfie

    Location 3: Sierra Blanca countryside, Spain (August 2019)

    Photo Participants: Twins Louis and Tomas, Alfie








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