WR20 November Film


The WR20 November Film Single kicks off with Sam, Alex, James, Samuel, Amir, Jimmy, Joe, Martyn at the Royal Docks Activity Centre where they all sit, naked, in the indoor pool. James talks about the uniqueness of rowing and the WR project.

Angus takes some shots of twins Alex and Sebastian, Brian, Amir, Lucas, Bily, and Joao standing by the edge of the pool of the luxury modern villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, with the Spanish coastline as a backdrop, before they all jump into the pool to cool off and later shower and dry off.

Newcomers Bily and Cheerleader Brian talk about their experience of being naked on the WR project, while Sebastian reveals how much he enjoys being naked and Lucas talks about white male privilege, societal pressures and how the project has helped him.

Lucas goes behind the camera to take shots of Amir and Sebastian looking at the Sierra Blanca mountain range from the villa´s roof terrace, which October in our WR21 Calendar, as well as shots with twin joining on the terrace and relaxing poolside.

The November single finishes with Brian, Bily, Joao, Amir, Lucas, Alex, and Sebastian heading up to the La Concepcion natural reservoir in the Sierra de las Nieves, the result of which can be enjoyed in our WR21 Calendar Centre Fold and the rear cover.


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  • Details

    Film Length: 00:23:21

    Location 1: Luxury Penthouse Loft in heart of London, England (October 2019)

    Participants: Alex, Alfie and Amir


    Location 2: Modern villa in the Sierra Blanca Moutains (July 2020)
    Alex, Sebastian, Joao, Bily, Amir, Brian


    Location 3: La Concepcion natural reservoir, Sierra de las Nieves, Andalucia (July 2020)

    Participants: Amir, Bily, Brian, Joao, Lucas, Alex, Sebastian

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