WR20 September Film


The WR20 September Film Single offers two exciting new locations.

The first is a gym at the Royal Docks in London with participants working out and taking turns boxing with each other while the others watch, all naked of course! James talks about toxic masculinity and its effect on young men, along with white male privilege and what he hopes to learn about the project.

The second location is in sunny Spain for a shoot done in July 2020 at a luxury modern villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains with Amir, Lucas, Joao, Bily, Brian, and twins Alex and Sebastian. Enjoy interviews with Lucas, Sebastian, Amir, and newcomer Joao on being part of the WR project and committing to healthier masculinity. Watch the boys preparing a BBQ dinner as well as various shoots in and around the pool, including a synchronised stretching and exercise shoot with Sebastian, Bily and Alex. Lucas not only stars in front of the camera but also behind the camera as WR's newest photographer! There is indoor footage at the sumptuous villa as well as the making of the full-frontal poster that comes with the WR21 Signed Calendar Offer; a must-have WR20 Single for anyone who purchased the signed calendar!


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  • Details

    Film Length: 00:24:02

    Location 1: Onsite Gym at the Royal Docks, London, England (September 2019)

    Participants: James, Amir, Jimmy, Sam, Alex, Samuel and friends


    Location 2: Luxury villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains (July 2020)

    Participants: Amir, Lucas, Joao, Bily, Brian and twins Alex and Sebastian


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