WR20 July Film


The WR20 July Film single draws on fantastic footage from our filming at Epping Forest in the UK and at a country villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains in Spain.

Setting off from central London at the break of dawn, twins Alex and Sebastian join Amir and Alfie on a shoot in beautiful Epping Forest, a vast wilderness on the outskirts of the city. Sebastian shows off his strength by carrying his twin Alex on his shoulders alongside da mix of group and solo forest shots - look out in particular for Alfie risking his neck to climb a tree!

MMA artist Alex talks about men’s mental health, how women are treated in society and how the two are related. He talks about how men can be part of the solution to inequality and student rower Alfie talks about the importance of male friendships.

Meanwhile at a Spanish country villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, Lewis, Alfie, and MMA artist Sebastian talk about sexuality, WR and being naked. There's lots of footage of Alfie with both sets of twins, who also get their twin shoot. On any shoot, some fun is in order and the boys play card games between shoots. Finally, the boys get some well-deserved and refreshing time in the pool.


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  • Details

    Film Length: 00:25:17

    Location 1 – England: Epping Forest (June 2019)

    Participants: Twins Alex and Sebastian, Amir and Alfie


    Location 2 – Spain: Country Villa in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, Andalucia, Spain (August 2019)

    Participants: Twins Louis & Tomas, twins Alex and Sebastian, Alfie




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