WR20 ROAR Magazine Issue 3


Our March WR20 ROAR E-Zine offers a great selection of pictorials, articles and three videos totalling nearly 16min. There are also four image packs with 71 hi-resolution images to enjoy. 

Fans of our London loft shoot will be pleased to see cover star Alfie taking things to new heights with chums Alex and Amir. 

We continue our exploration of the WR coffee table books and celebrate our Spain shoots with two incredible pictorials. 

In Naked Guys with Oars we head into the Sierra Blanca mountains of Andalucia, with our trademark props in hand! We stay in the mountains for a behind the scenes visit to our Manifesto shoot which features flares in our signature purple from the final chapter of our latest book.  

Staying with the colour purple, we also bring you the last part of our popular Purple Haze series, shot in London’s docklands with our first-ever illustrated man; find out how body art made a spectacular WR debut!  

With International Women´s Day in March and 40% of our supporters now being women, this issue takes a look at the WR project´s relationship with and relevance to women. Abbie Muntz, former Artistic Director of WR, adds her perspective, “This project is also about how women can look at men, and women should enjoy it!” 

Our Spotlight video documentary this month´s issue is on Lianne Sanderson, one of the world´s top female footballers. Made by Sport Allies in partnership with London Film School and SKY Sports, this film looks at one woman’s experience of being female, black and LGBT in the challenging world of soccer. Lianne is truly a role model, and this film captures why she has become an inspiration to so many. 

Our third video for International Women’s Day is a bonus video tribute to Madonna. In a brand new exclusive, extended and uncensored video, we celebrate an icon of female empowerment who showed how women and LGBT communities could work together to beat heteronormative patriarchal culture at its own game. 

Regular contributor James appears in our pictorial Naked Guys with oars as well as our Manifesto pictorial and delivers his perspective on personal empowerment in Do Not Sell Yourself Short, where he considers how everyone can learn from how women battle the assumptions of patriarchal culture. 


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