WR20 ROAR Portfolio June


This edition offers six videos totalling 61.36min and more than 151 hi-resolution images, and with lockdown measures easing, the June edition of the WR20 Roar Portfolio sees new recruit Joao join the ROAR! 

One of our objectives as the Worldwide Roar is to celebrate diversity by bringing together men with different lived experiences, including men who identify as LGBT and men who identify as straight. Joao, our new recruit from Brazil who now lives in Madrid, talks about how he could not fit into sporting culture as a child growing up LGBT. He shows us how he eventually found his way through with Capoeira, the Afro Brazilian sport that is as much a dance as it is a martial art.  

In another video, Joao does his first ever naked Capoeira! He then introduces long-time WR contributors Lucas and Amir to the sport – naked of course! The three men have a frank, intimate and deeply moving conversation about their different experiences of sport and of being men. 

In the second part of our WR Voices two-part special, Lucas continues his journey through the WR project, focusing on his participation in WR19, what the project means to him as a man and his pride at how the project is making a successful transition to becoming the Worldwide Roar.  

After all of that, you might feel the need for a pick me up, and Lucas has been kind enough to open his naked Locktail bar once more!  This month he shows us how to make an Espresso Martini for the perfect lockdown lift! 



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