WR20 ROAR Portfolio May


The WR20 May Roar edition marks the second edition of our reformatted Roar Portfolio and is a special extended edition with more than 2 hours of film content spread out over 17 individual videos, and 130 high resolution still images. 

Fans of calendar legend Lucas will not want to miss this issue!!  After working behind the camera in recent shoots, Lucas saw how our shoots were being cancelled because of lockdown and offered to make a heroic return in front of camera.  

Five years after his first shoot at this location, he returns to the stunning mountains of Southern Spain. In the first part of a new self-filmed series for participants on both sides of the camera, Lucas explains how his devotion to WR convinced him to step in front of the cameras again. 

Impressive on both sides of the camera, and both sides of the bar, Lucas premieres his Locktails series this month with a Naked Negroni!  As the name suggests, he shows a lot more than just impressive mixology skills! 

As part of the self-filming series, new recruits Bily, Felix and Patrick tell us what has inspired them to join the project and why they want to join our shoots after lockdown. Then watch a selection of four work-out videos hosted by experienced PT Patrick. 

For the start of a new series celebrating key moments from WR´s history, we return to LA with images shot in Hollywood and a newly edited extract from our film archives. We also bring you the last new images from our London Purple Haze shoot last year. 

In a series of beautiful new images accompanied by an introductory video, Lucas muses on lockdown life from his hammock in the garden. He also shares his thoughts on For the Love of Men, a book about mindful masculinity by Canadian journalist Liz Plank.  

To accompany our book catalogue of our five ground-breaking large format books, Lucas talks about how his mother finally got to see these books for herself. Then with archives from his first films and extracts from his earliest interviews, we continue our Voices documentary series with the first of a two-part series on Lucas´s history with WR. 


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