WR21 ROAR Video Subscription


Get the image + video (ROAR Portfolio) combo here.

Our WR21 Roar Video Subscription offers a monthly download of video content in he best possible resolution. This year promises to be the biggest video offering in WR history and will feature the boys playing sports, speaking about their sport and why they joined the ROAR (amongst much, much more!):

  • 12 monthly selections of video in the best possible resolution. These selections will be served through our clickable guide.
  • Action filled content including the boys playing sports naked
  • Intimate and naked interviews with the Warwick Rowers and athletes from around the world about the Worldwide Roar and why we do what we do
  • Naked interviews about the boys favourite sports and why sport is such a crucial part of the Worldwide Roar
  • Playful features will make an appearance that may include popular segments from 2020 such as: “Lucas’ Locktails”, “My Sport Naked” and “Naked News”.

Video content will be accessible via our Monthly Interactive Guide!


Local import taxes and custom clearance for orders outside UK might apply.

  • Details

    Get the Video + Image Combo (Portfolio) here.

    The WR21 ROAR Video Subscription builds upon the success and feedback from the Warwick Rowers and Worldwide Roar Film Subscription. In 2021, we know you want more nude action. You want to see us at our most relaxed, naked and having fun. We want to tell you exactly why we love being a part of the Worldwide Roar. We know you want to get to know all of us athletes up close and personal.


    We are listening now more than ever. Got something you’d love to see? Got a location you think would make a great setting? Why not drop us a line at [email protected]? Your support means the Worldwide Roar to us!

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    When will I receive my items?

    The WR21 ROAR Portfolio including ROAR Image Subscription and ROAR Video Subscription will launch monthly downloads from January 2021.

    Thank you for your support.