WR22 ROAR Portfolio December


Our December single boasts four films and three image packs with 371 stills.

In our main feature video this month, we meet up with Patrick in London. First he does a shoot to show us his ongoing commitment as an ally. He then shares his passion for downhill free riding and
making sport more inclusive as he prepares to head off to Puerto Vallarta to organise the second FireRide Festival.

We continue following new contributor Patrick’s exciting trip to Mexico. In this two part film, Patrick ropes in his new Mexican buddies from the first FireRFide festival, Gabi and Ivan, and they all get naked to test the jump for the world’s first naked backflip. 

The fourth film is of Patrick doing what is quite possibly the world’s first naked backflip, and we must say it´s quite impressive.

In December 2022, the month of the world cup set amidst the controversy over human rights in sports, we bring you a selection of images of Carlos, a local Mexican who shows us how football in most of the world - on a patch of dirt.  Of course, unlike most football players, Carlos is naked...


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    Total Film time:  33 minutes

    Total number of images: 371

    Participants: Patrick, Gabi, Ivan, Carlos

    Locations: Sayulita, Mexico

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