WR22 ROAR Portfolio February


The February issue includes over an hour of footage in four films along with three image packs totalling 750 images.

Our first film goes behind the scenes at our first shoot with the Manchester Village Spartans, an inclusive rugby club and world leaders in promoting inclusive sport.  We hear from straight and gay players alike how rugby and the Spartans have offered them a home in sport. They were joined by individual participants Fernando and Rafael as well as veteran stars Lucas and Amir. This shoot, which also features in one of this issue's image packs, produced our WR22 Calendar images for January, May, June, October and December. 

This issue also boasts a new sport: pole dancing!  wJulien, an international pole champion and professional dance teacher, shows Lucas and Amir some moves, while returning contributor Richard, who is a pole dancer himself, show us his moves on the pole as well as his incredible body art. The WR22 Calendar image for March came out of this shoot.

We begin a new series, Milton´s Jungle Gym. In the first episode of this fitness series shot in Sayulita, Mexico, Milton shows off how to keep your core strong.

With Valentine's Day mid month, our other two films focus on romantic locations. First we drop in on Alfie, Nacho, Joseph, Felix, and Alex B during their shoot at a converted convent in the English Cotswolds.  It does not get any more Gothic than this!  Then we meet twins Alex and Sebastian as they turn up for their first shoot.  They join Lucas and Amir at a beautiful home in Italy's Positano then take a stunning trip on a yacht to the famous island of Capri. 

We bring you over 750 images in high resolution for you to download and enjoy. 


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  • Details

    FEBRUARY 2022 ROAR Portfolio

    Total Film time: 1hr 8min

    Total number of images: 750

    Participants: The Manchester Village Spartans, Lucas, Amir, Alex, Fernando, Rafael, Alfie, Nacho, Joseph, Felix, Alex B

    Locations: Manchester, Cotswolds and London, UK / Positano, Italy / Salulita, Mexico


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