WR23 ROAR Portfolio November


Two compelling new films from our retreat at Joshua Tree!  Over 350 images! Four great new articles - more than any previous edition! You will love the November 2023 edition of ROAR Portfolio!

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    November WR23 ROAR 

    Total film time: 33min 46sec

    Total number of images: 351

    Participants: Thomas, D´Paul, Tommy, Cody, Leyenne, Lucas, Amir, Alex

    Locations: Joshua Tree, Mexico, Spain



    Film 1: Thomas Through The Looking Glass

    "Being in this project is such a gift, because I have a four month old daughter at home and in Barefoot Man I can confront a big question. How do I want people to look at women, at people in general, regardless of who they are or how they identify?" Thomas shares his perspective as a straight man on what many call the straight male gaze. Thomas talks about his own gaze as he presents himself for the female gaze and the queer male gaze. No wonder our team love him!

    Film 2: Talking Barefoot Naked: Thomas and D'Paul

    In a searingly candid conversation, Thomas and D’Paul sit together naked on the sofa to follow up on their Pieces to Camera. The two men celebrate their life-changing experience at our Joshua Treat retreat and explore what brought them together in the California desert to bare all with Barefoot Man.

    Images: The Swimming Pool Library:  Tenth Anniversary Cover Shot (126 images)

    To celebrate our special drop of an exclusive new limited edition print from our tenth anniversary calendar, we bring you 126 images from the shoot that created our post popular calendar cover in a recent poll.  We have shot at many pools around the world over the years, so this is our first deep dive into a Olympic size archive!


    Images: Got You Covered! (155 images)

    Our 2024 calendar cover has received a lot of love. Now you can enjoy our trio of cover stars in this exclusive new collection of 155 group shots featuring Thomas, D'Paul and Tommy, There are images from the cover set up and a few other ideas we tried, too! See our terrific trio both covered AND uncovered!

    Images Seeing Black Men (71 images)

    We are proud that Black men are becoming more visible in our project. We want to see more BIPOC men in Barefoot Man generally and we are working on it. In the meantime, here is a reminder of some of the greatest moments featuring Cody, Leyenne and D'Paul from the last three years.



    Feature: How The Whole World Used To Look

    The "straight male gaze" is a term that helps us understand how a lot of movies, TV shows, and ads are made with straight guys in mind. This idea, which started from looking at Hollywood movies, tells us that many of these media pieces show women in ways that straight men might find attractive or interesting. We look at what it means, why it matters, and how the world is finally changing.

    Feature: Glazed and Confused:  How Men Lose Their Minds Over Porn

    Pornography is a massive subject area, and one that is of particular interest to us at Barefoot Man.  The digital age has led to a significant increase in the production and consumption of porn, especially among men, but not everyone agrees on what this is doing to us.

    Feature: Take ALL The Intersections!

    Examining how our lives depend on where we land at birth has always been at the core of our project, from the moment when a Boomer queer photographer bumped into some Millennial Alpha males from a rowing club. It is very much part of what we intend to explore at Barefoot Man.

    Feature: Rustin

    Netflix's new film about a gay Black man, Bayard Rustin, is already tipped for an Oscar.  It is a fitting but sadly belated acknowledgement of a remarkable life.

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