WR23 ROAR Portfolio September


The September issue of ROAR boasts three films. Our film on perineum sunning shot at Joshua Tree in California, and a
retreat outside Toledo in Spain, takes a very intimate look at a controversial practice. DPaul, who joined the Roar at last in Joshua Tree is this month’s Piece to Camera star and reveals how he has come to terms with who he is. Then join Thomas, DPaul and Angus in a hot tub in Joshua Tree where they talk about their own journeys to healthier masculinity, how men are and how they are changing. With extra nudity at the start.

The three image packs include footage of D'Paul in the desert and in the hot tub with Thomas at our retreat in Joshua Tree, as well as perineum sunning shots taken at Joshua tree and Toledo.


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    Total Film time: 53min 11sec

    Total number of images: 480

    Participants: Thomas, Tommy, DPaul, Alex, Luke, Rafael, Carlos and Goldbats David, Javier, Manu,
    Brian, and JM

    Locations: Madrid, Oregon


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