2024 ROAR Portfolio March


As ever, our March 2024 ROAR Portfolio brings you the best moments from the calendar shoots, residential retreats and studio-based filming that we organise around the world.   

This edition includes around 100 minutes of great video content and nearly 700 high quality still images!   

Scroll down for full details on a truly international edition, with films, images, conversation and performance captured in the US, UK and Spain. 

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  • Details

    March 2024 ROAR Portfolio

    Total film time:  1 hour 39 minutes 

     Total number of images: 697 

     Participants: Carlos, Julien, Tommy, Thomas, D'Paul, Nacho, Javier, Manu, David, Aaron, Gabi, Juan Carlos, Gonzalo, Brian, and JM. 

     Locations:  London, UK; Joshua Tree, California; Madrid, Spain; Toledo, Spain 





    Joshua Tree: A Reflection 

    It is the last day of our retreat in Joshua Tree.  Now, in our last film from this amazing time at this incredible place, our three contributors Thomas, D'Paul and Tommy, have a frank conversation about their experiences as men from different backgrounds, sexualities and lived experiences who got together naked and found new ways to connect. 


    Goldbats Go All Out! 

    It was the last day of our Toledo retreat and the Pinto Goldbats had just completed their final shoot. In this film, everyone agreed the Goldbats would keep their clothes off for their exit interview!  Please note that the earliest downloads will not contain subtitles.  We are working on this. 


    Barefoot Poems:  Kitten Heels 

    Barefoot Poems is a new series from us, launched to mark World Poetry Day on 21 March.  It is part of our aim to bring you fresh artistic perspective from those of us who find ourselves living outside the rules in a world that was created by and for straight men.  Not just in photography or even visual art! This new series is part of expanding our creative offering and we welcome submissions from all artists out there.   


    Talking Barefoot:  Julien and Angus Talk Pole Dancing, Politics & Polarisation! 

    Julien is a master pole dancer who came to us in 2022 through our photographer and fellow pole dancing professional Holly Weston.  Now Julien is back to talk about his first ever experience of naked pole dancing, his former life as a West End musical theatre performer and the many issues that men face today. 





    David the Biker! 

    David is a Pinto Goldbat who loves American Football!  If there's anything he loves as much as his sport, it is his motorbike. So of course we agreed to photograph him on his bike, as long he was prepared to ride it naked... 


    Goldbats Interviews Behind the Scenes Shots 

    In these candid shots, we go behind the scenes as the Goldbats strip off for their first ever naked interviews on camera! 


    Goldbats on Grass… 

    It is exhausting playing American Football.  Sometimes you just need a lie down! 


    Pole Positions 

    To celebrate the return of Julien in this month's Talking Barefoot, we have recropped and remastered a very special selection of images from his pole dancing shots.  Presented in black and white, these images can be enjoyed as standalone pieces or you can scroll through these images as a digital flickbook that captures the elegance of Julien in motion.  As before, we are very grateful to our friends at Pole People, London for providing their space to Barefoot Man.   2

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