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  • Printed by the same artisans with the same process as our Seeing Men collectors’ prints
  • Printed on the same paper stock as our Seeing Men collectors’ prints


Description of POOL by Keith Khan

The Mediterranean sunlight of the golden hour elevates one of the artist’s celebrated synchronised group poses to an almost godly realm. These men, with their broad shoulders and strongly defined backs, achieve a uniformity of stance that is only achievable through athletic skill. Star Trek meets Greek mythology as these perfect beings avert their gaze from the distant, painted backdrop of the busy and less perfect world we glimpse below. 


SECTION 1: ARCHITECTURE from our Seeing Men Exhibition

How do we see masculinity? These five images capture the tensions and parallels between the organic male nude form and the less obvious masculinity of inorganic structures that here provide a foil.  It makes us question not only where one form of masculinity ends and another begins, but how they might be connected.   

From the stark lines of international modernism to the steampunk efficiency of a sleeper train, from the grand patriarchal formalism of neo-classical architecture to the gothic angularity of Tudor stately homes, the carefully selected environments in these pictures complement the nude bodies of the men.    

The artist is sensitive to how masculinity echoes throughout the world.  In these pieces, the bodies and structures of men align naturally around each other, prompting us to reflect on how deeply patriarchal thinking is woven into the fabric of our world.  


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  • Details

    This luxury art print is giclee printed by the UK’s Digital Fine Art Printer of the Year to museum archive quality on Hahnemühle Photorag, a fine art paper made from 100% cotton for a smooth surface that gives impressive pictorial depth.

    • SIZE A3 INCLUDING BORDER:  420 X 297 mm  (11.7 x 16.5'')
    • DATE/ LOCATION: 2015, Private villa, La Mairena, Ojen, Andalucia, Spain
    • OPEN EDITION: Digital Signature, unnumbered.


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