WR22 ROAR Portfolio June


The feature film in our June single is the first of a two part film “Locker Room Banter” and follows the Spartans rugby players from the pitch to the changing room to the showers of Manchester rugby club, showing the viewer their private post-match moments.

More images from the shoot with the Manchester Village Spartans as well as and illuminating sequence of images which shows how our bold April WR22 Calendar shot was developed Alex, Lucas and Amir had to face passers-by in London´s Soho, fully nude. 

Uniquely this issue also includes a letter we wrote to a sports team which gets to the heart of the nudity involved in the Roar.

There is also an artist's statement from Angus about our first virtual exhibition, Seeing Men.  Donations for entry to the exhibition has already raised nearly £10,000 for Sport Allies!


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    Total Film time:  22 minutes

    Total number of images: 242

    Participants: The Manchester Village Spartans, Lucas, Amir, Alex, Fernando, Rafael, 

    Locations: Manchester and London, UK


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