WR22 ROAR Portfolio November


It is great to have a base near our film-makers and many of our contributors. Three key campaigners who have joined our London tribe over the last few years are Nick, Adrian and Ruari, and we are honoured that they also give their time and strip off for the Worldwide Roar. The second film is a moving interview in which both Adrian and Ruari open up about the personal challenges they have faced and how much it has meant to them to take part in WR. Adrian takes us back to his first shoot with the Roar, which was one of our largest and took place at the London Docks in 2019, with footage from that shoot as well as the other shoots he has participated in, including Blacks Club.  Ruari talks candidly about his involvement in the LGBT+ community and how he has declared his authentic self.  

Our third film offers a cheeky little bonus about the importance of playing your cards right; which starts with buying our cards.  Obviously!

This issue offers two image packs, the first from the shoots with Nick, Adrian and Ruari and the second with James and Leo from the Manchester Village Spartans who are more than team-mates, and more than great buddies.  They're proof that men can create new, inclusive rules of masculinity together.


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    Total Film time:  33 minutes

    Total number of images: 325

    Participants: Nick, Adrian, Ruari, James, Leo

    Locations: Seven Dials, London / Manchester, UK

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