Celebrate your visibility! Put us up against the wall!

Celebrate your visibility! Put us up against the wall!


TO: Everyone Who Believes in Gender Equality in Nudity

FROM: The Calendar Men of WR23

SUBJECT: Operation Debrief Men


We still live in a world run by men who want to look at women.

We still see the objectification of women all around us, from Instagram to Game of Thrones. And now that film-makers feel obliged to include the odd penis on the menu, that penis is likely to be fake*.

This is not the world you asked for. Where is the visibility of your desire?

The Roar is one of the few places where we specifically champion the rights of people who want to look at men.  People who want to create a world where all of us can look at each other in a healthy way, on equal terms.


We are men of all sexualities who believe in your right to look at us. So much so that we will step into the firing line for you. Naked.

But to win this revolution we need your help!


Our visibility can be your visibility. 

All you need to do is buy our calendar, hang it wherever you want and see what happens next.

You can put us somewhere private, as a reminder to yourself that you have allies. We hope you’ll feel the difference, and we’d love to hear about it.

Or you can hang us in a public place as a declaration to the rest of the world that you stand with us for change!  We’d love to hear your stories of how the world responds.  

Either way, you will have our gratitude and our support. And our naked bodies, of course.

Happy New Year from all of us! We’ll be here all year with our skin in your game.

The Men of Worldwide Roar 2023 

PS Please note this uprising is cruelty free and suitable for vegans! True, you have to take us out and put us up against the wall! But we promise you don’t have to shoot anyone. Our highly professional and very humane photographers have already done that bit for you. 🙂

PPS *Our standard calendar does not include frontal nudity. Our films, books and digital content do demonstrate our commitment to the cause as men with actual penises in all sizes.

WR23 Calendar

WR23 Calendar


WR23 Signed Limited Edition Calendar

WR23 Signed Limited Edition Calendar


WR23 Calendar + Seeing Men Catalogue

WR23 Calendar + Seeing Men Catalogue