WR:  Healthier Masculinity Under Construction

WR: Healthier Masculinity Under Construction


Welcome to our new website! We’ve finally gone live after months of planning and countless zoom meetings throughout various lockdowns across the European countries where the WR team is based.  It’s been a challenge, but here we are! 

We hope you will love the new look and interface.  As I promised when I wrote to supporters earlier this year, we are doing everything we can to make supporting WR as easy and enjoyable as possible.   

The move to the new site has been a massive undertaking for us and our new web development partners at Appeal Digital in Bristol, England.  I am deeply grateful to everyone involved for keeping the show on the road, especially during such a difficult time.  Special thanks must go to Luke and his team at Appeal, and to Paddy, Holly, Ann, Lucas, Amir and Nickie at WR. 

Most of the work has gone into the parts you cannot see, like moving tens of thousands of accounts with digital purchase histories dating back over a decade.  There will almost certainly be a few teething problems over the next couple of weeks and we will very much welcome your feedback to sort them out as quickly as possible.   

Building a Healthier Masculinity – WR Open Shoot – London 2019

From dust, noise and chaos, something new and inspiring can arise.

Working on the website with the team has reminded me that building sites are always a bit messy and disruptive, but that disruption is also how we create change.  From dust, noise and chaos, something new and inspiring can arise.  

It’s not just the WR website that needed a makeover this year.  Masculinity itself must now become a building site.  

The structures of hegemonic masculinity and patriarchal privilege are racist, misogynist, homophobic, restrictive and repressive.  They are a health and safety threat to everyone.  They must be renovated, updated and remodelled into new structures that everyone can live in, live with and enjoy.   

If we peer through the noise and dust of today, we can see that building work has started and the transformation is underway. We can see the beginnings of something new, more open and inspiring in the progress being made by women as well as BIPOC and LGBT communities.   

With your support, I believe WR can play a significant role in that process of transformation and renewal, not least by changing how we look at men. There’s still a long way to go, but we have a big vision for our future.  Over the coming weeks and months, I want to share that vision with you.