Together and committed, we can create change.

Together and committed, we can create change.


WR for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

We have always presented male nudity as a gesture of respect by men living in a culture that has for too long privileged the heterosexual male gaze.  During 2017, we witnessed a widespread conversation about the disempowerment and objectification of women.  There was a recognition of the need for more equitable rules around male and female power, and particularly male and female bodies.   

Yves Klein was a French painter who, like Jackson Pollock, experimented with alternative ways to apply paint.  In his  late 1950s series, Anthropometry, he used naked female models as “living brushes”.  We decided to revisit Klein’s work using our bodies as men.  We wanted to echo Klein’s emphasis on the act of creation, but also to celebrate the breakthroughs taking place to challenge patriarchal assumptions. 

To do this, we brought an enormous raw canvas measuring nine metres by four metres to a remote location in Southern Spain, along with a lot of paint.  We created a performance in which we put the paint on each other, and we put our bodies on the canvas, because we believe that change happens faster when we work together and commit our whole selves to reaching our goals.   

Working as a team, body and soul. That is what we do in our sport, and it is what we do as men who get naked to support change. 

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