WR20 February Film


The WR20 February Film Single offers two very different English settings: Epping Forest and the London Royal Docks.

Amir, Alfie, and twins Alex and Sebastian set off early for a day´s shooting in the gorgeous Epping Forest in June 2019. Being the sportsmen they are, the boys take the opportunity for some mini work-outs. Hear the boys' views on the importance of the Worldwide Roar project and why they love being a part of it, accompanied by boyish playfulness, banter, laughter and of course lots of nudity as they pose on and around trees and foliage.

In September 2019, Joe, Cameron, and Ryan from the UK's prestigious Leander Club stripped off at the Royal Docks in London as part of a shoot with our most participants ever! They enjoy throwing purple Holi powder over each other and, on a more serious note, talk about inclusion in sports. Alongside these senior members of the GB Rowing Squad, a host of LGBTQI rowers and some of our regular participants including James, Alfie, and Amir lining up for a group shot. Then the Holi powder comes out for some Purple Haze fun.


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  • Details

    Length: 00:22:35

    Location 1: Epping Forest, England (June 2019)

    Participants:  Amir, Alfie, Alex, Sebastian

    Location 2: Royal Docks, London (June 2019)

    Participants: Joe, Cameron, Ryan  and all of our cover stars from our 2020 calendar









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