Welcome to August – WR23!


Welcome to August – WR23!


Hello! We hope your August is off to a flying start, and that you love our cover image of Julian as much as we do!


We have always asked how the male body can be part of change.  

Can men challenge homophobia, misogyny, male mental health problems and unequal life chances just by taking their clothes off? 

For fifteen years we have been proving that they can!   But men’s bodies still remain less visible than women’s.  This is an ongoing manifestation of inequality.   

We need more men to challenge that.  That is why our website and our project will soon relaunch as Barefoot Man

Barefoot Man will feature more men, more artists and more supporters working together.  All of us will be putting male nudity at the heart of meaningful content and experiences that combine intimacy and vulnerability with passion and a sense of fun.

Today we are delighted to bring you an exciting new film that shows you how we will do that. We think you are going to love it.

Just over a month ago, a dozen naked men and a crew of six got together at a beautiful retreat in rural Spain. Our purpose was to turn WR into something revolutionary for everyone. 

Barefoot Man is a physical space where athletes can bond with other men of different ages, sexualities and lived experiences to embrace healthier masculinity – naked together. 

The participants included five Goldbats football players, a few faces that many of you will recognise and four men who were completely new to WR.  

Everyone got naked and intimate in ways that were new for our project. They celebrated the joy of exploring these new ways to connect as men.   

It was an extraordinary event and that is why we want everyone to see the film that we have made about it.  Our brand new 28 minute film is not just the story of a weekend or a look behind the scenes at a shoot.  It is a vision for the future.

WR Goes Barefoot!

Film Exclusive: WR Goes Barefoot!

Film Exclusive: WR Goes Barefoot!